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October 2015

Similes and Metaphor Game!

Play the game we played in class HERE: Simile and Metaphor

Growing Crops in the Desert

Click HERE to check out the invention that is harnessing the power of the water cycle to sustain plant life in the desert!

Adding and Subtracting Decimals in the Real World

Do you or your parents have a phone that can take pictures? If so, comment below with a picture of where you have seen decimals out in the wild real world! We can use what you find to practice adding and subtracting decimals!

If you have trouble adding pictures to the comments, you can email me your pics of decimals to

Happy Decimal Hunting!

Click here for the class gallery of student submitted pictures!

Advanced Water Cycle

Click on the image to view the interactive water cycle we looked at during class!

It’s Precipitating!

Happy Saturday morning! What an awesome time to see the water cycle doing its thing the day after we made it rain in our models.

Also, check out our Water Cycle Rap by clicking the link here: WATER CYCLE RAP

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