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January 2016

Prime and Composite Games

Prime and Composite Fruit Shoot

Monkey Racing

Catch The Eggs


Subject and Predicate – Mr. Morton

Turning fractions into a division problem

The numerator is the dividend the denominator  is the divisor so this is how you’d right it.

So which one is the numerator and which one is the denominator? Comment your answer I’ll Put a smile reply if it’s right if it’s wrong I’ll put an x.

Line Graphs in Math

Line Graphs measure what’s happening or changing over time. First are the axis. The Y axis is the numbers that’s called the scale. Next, the X axis which for a line graph is usually the time. (e.g., years, days, minutes, etc.)

Let’s pretend our title is touchdowns thrown every month from Russell Wilson. He threw  7 touchdowns in October, 13 in November, 20 in December, and 14 in January, this is what it’d look like.Line Graph Example


Now you know a bit about a basic line graph.

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