Country Research Report Rubric                                                  

Due: Friday November 7th, 2014       


Dear Students and Parents of Room 26,

Today we kick off our first research paper! Writing is a powerful way to communicate, whether it be for entertainment, for persuading others, or to provide information. Through the process of our first writing assignment, we will be creating an informational piece that will provide others with information regarding a country of your choice. I would hope that you choose a country you are interested in, perhaps even a country that has to do with your heritage. This will make the process more meaningful and enjoyable!

I would ask that you do not take this home and finish it up in one day. It is actually impossible for you to do so, as you will be learning new concepts regarding writing as we go along. If you go home and write it all up and try to turn it in, I will most likely hand it back. The reason? You do not know completely what is expected! I haven’t told you what the paper is to be about yet! So please be patient and work with me on your first college level research report. I promise that your hard work and dedication will be worth it in the end.

However, if you do not finish something that we covered in class, I would expect you to take it home at that point to finish what we covered that day or week in class. This research paper is going to be seven paragraphs, which is most likely the longest paper you will have written in class to date. We will be using the Step Up to Write model, which utilizes graphic organizers to assist in the note taking (we use Cornell notes), and the rough draft (we use accordion paragraphs). I will be checking in several times a week to see where you are at. If you are struggling, I will suggest that you work on it at home as well. I understand that some people need more time, which is not always available in class. If you need more time, be prepared to work on it at home.

Remember, hard work is the key! This is going to stretch and challenge you, but I know that you are all up for the awesome opportunity to write a college level research paper!




Research Outline (Notes) – 10 points

Rough Draft (Accordion Paragraphs – 10 points

Final Copy Typed – 50 points

Bibliography – 5 points

Flag – 10 points

Map – 15 points

_____________________________________________________Total – 100 points


The country map needs to be on standard computer paper and include a key, 10 cities (including the capital), major rivers, lakes, bordering countries or oceans, and mountains and ranges. Students may NOT use marker on the map. Markers make the features indistinguishable, and looks messy overall. Please use colored pencils.

The country flag is to be on standard computer paper and take up the whole page. You can use markers, colored pencils, paints, or whatever medium for coloring your flag.

The bibliography or works cited page must include 3 sources, as well as be done in MLA format.


Questions? Please feel free to email me: