DARE Essays are due November 15th, 2013. They are to be typed.

This essay is a five paragraph essay that reflects the what each student has learned from their experience of participating in DARE.

The outline of the essay is as follows:

Paragraph 1 – What did you find fun about taking DARE?

Paragraph 2 – Why would a kid start to use drugs?

Paragraph 3 – What things will you do to say no?

Paragraph 4 – How will you use what you learned in DARE to help you make wise choices when confronted with decisions about violence, gangs, or disobeying teacher, parents, or laws?

Paragraph 5 – Your pledge or promise.

I, ____________, promise to _____________________________.

Each paragraph should consist of a topic sentence for the paragraph, 3 details with explanations for each detail, as well as transitions between each detail (first, second, last). The paragraph should end with a restatement of the topic sentence.