Native American PowerPoint Presentations

Directions: This assignment is to allow you to learn a few different things. One being how you can use technology to share information. You are a technological generation, meaning you are surrounded by technology! Let’s learn to use it! This is also to help you understand more about the people who established North America, the Native Americans, and what role they played in the birth of our nation.

Slide 1 – Title Slide: This slide will have NO picture. It will include the name of your tribe on the main line, and on the tag line it will include the area from where they are from (Pacific Northwest, the Plains, etc.)

Slide 2 – Geography: Picture. States and region this tribe came from, including natural features and climate.

Slide 3 – Homes: Pictures. Tell us what types of homes this tribe lived in and what it was made of, and why they used those types of homes.

Slide 4 – Clothing/Fashion: Pictures. Share with us what this tribe wore. Include hairstyles or jewelry if applicable.

Slide 5 – Food: Pictures. What did this tribe eat? How did they get it?

Slide 6 – Roles of Tribe Members: Pictures. What roles did the men, women, children, elderly have in this tribe? Why?

Slide 7 – Weapons & Tools: Pictures. What did this tribe use for weapons and tools?

Slide 8 – Education: Pictures optional. How did tribe members learn? What did they learn? Who taught and who learned?

Slide 9 – Religion & Traditions: Pictures. What did this tribe worship? What traditions did they have?

Slide 10 – Today: Pictures optional. What happened to this tribe? Are there any tribe members alive today?

Slide 11 – Famous Tribe Members: Pictures. Are there any famous natives from this tribe? Who are they and why are they famous?


Research Links (Not every link will have your tribe, you may need to Google search!):